Are you in the Smyrna, Georgia area and looking for a place to get outside and enjoy the weather with your dog? If so, you’re in luck! Smyrna and the surrounding other neighborhoods of greater Atlanta are home to a wide variety of dog parks, each featuring their own unique strengths.

Look at the list below to find some of the best and most widely recommended dog parks in the area. Many of these are located within Smyrna, but some may require you to travel into Atlanta a short distance. Read on to find out more!

1. Burger Park

Burger Park is one of the most popular dog parks in Smyrna. It is an off-leash park, which means you can allow your dog to run and play off his leash once inside the fenced area. It includes watering stations as well as covered seating areas for owners and dogs both.

This park includes separate play areas for big dogs and little dogs. This helps keep all dogs safer and ensures they have playmates of their same size and strength to have fun with. Be sure to follow the rules about dog sizes when visiting this dog park.

2. Lewis Dog Park

Lewis Dog Park is a smaller and less well-known dog park in Smyrna that caters more to locals than to visitors. It includes a spacious dog run as well as some covered canopy sections for owners to relax.

This park also features a few watering stations throughout the grass-covered space. It is completely fenced in with high fences for your dog’s safety.

3. Lake Court Dog Park

Lake Court Dog Park is yet another off-leash dog park inside Smyrna itself. It features plenty of grassy spaces as well as some dirt areas for dogs who enjoy digging. There are a few trees to provide some shade on-site, and the play area is very spacious to accommodate many dogs of all sizes.

This park does not separate dog play areas by size, so make sure your dog is okay playing with large and small dogs both before bringing him here. Note, too, that the watering stations at this park are turned off during the coldest part of the winter, so you should bring water if you visit in winter.

4. Piedmont Dog Park

Piedmont Dog Park is technically located in downtown Atlanta, which makes it a little bit of a drive from Smyrna. However, it is easily one of the most popular dog parks in the area, and it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for a change of scenery for you and your furry friend!

This park welcomes any dog over 16 weeks of age and offers separate spaces for dogs over and under 30 pounds. There is an off-leash section, but otherwise dogs are required to be on their leashes when visiting this park. Note that this is an extremely busy park that gets crowded during the busy season.

5. ParkGrounds

ParkGrounds is an inviting space in the heart of Atlanta. This location combines a small café with a dog park and includes multiple tables and chairs for owners to sit back and relax. The dog park section is a small, fenced area similar to an oversized yard that is attached to the back of the café.

This dog park includes WiFi for owners and the chance to pick up a coffee drink and snack while you watch your dog play. Off-leash dogs are welcome in the fenced area but must be well-behaved.

6. Brook Run Off-Leash Dog Park

Brook Run Off-Leash Dog Park is in Dunwoody, so it is also a short drive away. However, this comfortable space is well worth the drive! It includes a 1/3-mile dog run as well as a wooded and grassy dog park with a safety fence. It is open every day from dawn until dust.

This park does not include a separate space for small dogs and large dogs, but there are four total acres of land for dogs to roam and enjoy, so it’s not too hard for them to have their own space to themselves. The park is a quieter alternative to some others listed here.

Choose a Dog Park to Visit

When you find the perfect dog park, you and your dog are sure to enjoy plenty of fun in the sun together! Dog parks are a great way for your dog to get active, even if you live in a city, and they can provide your dog with some much-needed socialization at the same time.

Keep in mind that each dog park in the area does have its own rules and regulations, and you should check with each of them before visiting to make sure you know their guidelines. Follow the rules and you will be able to have a great time with your dog!