AAHA Accreditation

An AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Smyrna

There is a significant difference between promising excellent service, and delivering that service on a daily basis to every single client that walks in the door. At Windy Hill Veterinary Hospital in Smyrna, our ultimate goal is to make our clients and their companion animals feel perfectly at home and provided for. With our AAHA accreditation, we hold ourselves and our practice to the highest standards of quality in all aspects of veterinary medicine. Being AAHA-accredited means we always put the needs of pets and their owners first, and will take every measure to give them the best experience possible.

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What Goes into an AAHA Accreditation

The American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA, was founded in 1933 and remains the sole accrediting organization for companion animal hospitals. For an animal hospital to become accredited, it must undergo routine evaluations by AAHA experts every 3 years. Practices are evaluated on more than 900 rigorous standards of quality, which must be met or exceeded for accreditation to be maintained. These standards include customer service, pain management, medical techniques, sterilization of instruments, technology utilized, and much more. AAHA encourages animal hospitals to go above and beyond to exceed their clients’ expectations, and develop a positive, organized environment for everyone.


What an AAHA Accreditation Means for You and Your Pet

Animal hospitals do not require AAHA accreditation to operate–becoming accredited is purely voluntary. By choosing to become an accredited practice, we are expressing our complete commitment to our clients and their animal companion. We approach each patient as we would our own pet, and provide the elevated level of care we would expect for our own four-legged family members. Being AAHA-accredited is our way of promising our clients that they will always receive the best service we can offer.

If you would like to learn more about the American Animal Hospital Association, go to aaha.org.

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