How to Make Your House a Cozy Haven for Your New Cat

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, which we think should be every month, our team wants to make it easier for you to get a new cat. Cats are sensitive animals, and moving into a new place can be scary, especially if other animals have already claimed it.

Follow these tips from our team if you’re getting a new cat or two or three. It will help them feel at home.

#1: Create a safe space for your new cat

It can take a few days for your new cat to feel comfortable around you, and if you have other pets, it will take even longer for them to fit in. Give your cat their own set of things to help them feel safe and secure in their new environment. Put your cat in a big room with its litter box, food and water bowls, scratching post, and bedding so they don’t have to fight over the things they need. Spend a lot of time playing with, petting, and talking to your new cat to help it get used to you, but also give it plenty of time to explore on its own.

#2: Stick to the same diet

The stress of moving to a new place can upset a cat’s sensitive digestive system. To avoid more stress, feed your cat the same food as before. If you want to change their diet, give them a few days to get used to what they eat now. Then, over a week, slowly replace the old food with the new food.

#3: Give your new cat time to settle in

A cat may need a week or two to get used to their new home, so save the meet-and-greets with family and friends until your pet is comfortable with you and their surroundings. But it would be best if you met with your regular vet to ensure your new cat is healthy and up to date on preventive care. Another trip so soon after the journey to your house can be stressful for your cat, so give them a week to relax before you introduce them to anyone else.

Congratulations on adding a cat to your family! We can’t wait to meet your new pet, so call us to schedule an appointment.