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Without a doubt, pets are part of the family. At Windy Hill Veterinary Hospital, we strive to keep these four-legged family members healthy and living their best life for as long as possible. It’s a privilege for us to extend our veterinary services to the Marietta, GA community and surrounding areas, and to welcome many new pets and people into our family. As your veterinarian, we believe that in addition to providing the highest-quality medicine, it is also our duty to use our animal hospital as a way to bring pets and their families together–and keep them together.

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We’re an AAHA Accredited and Certified Cat Friendly Animal Hospital

We strive to go above and beyond for dogs, cats, and their devoted human family members. Our animal hospital near Marietta, GA is both AAHA accredited and Certified Cat Friendly by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

  • Updating our techniques, protocols, and services to abide by the highest standards of veterinary care as dictated by the American Animal Hospital Association
  • Creating an environment that is more in tune with the health and behavioral needs of our feline patients

Veterinary Services for Marietta Dogs and Cats

We provide our many veterinary services with warmth and respect for your pet’s needs. Many of our team members share their lives with pets of their own, and understand the depth of the bond you share with your companion.

To keep pets truly healthy and happy, we offer:

Cat at Our Animal Hospital Near Marietta, GA

Meet Our Veterinarians and Staff

We love our veterinary team and we hope you grow to love them, too! If you’re a first-timer to our animal hospital, take a moment to get to know them before you make an appointment.