Dental Care for Your Pet

Did you know that your pet’s bad breath is not only not normal, but it could also be a sign of gingivitis, or something worse? While we brush and floss our teeth every day to keep our mouths clean, our pets do not share that privilege. It is entirely up to us to check in on our pets at home and keep an eye (or a nose) out for anything unusual in their appearance or behavior. Unfortunately, many cats and dogs begin to develop gum disease when they are as young as 3, but you can help your pet avoid this condition if you bring them to their veterinarian for routine dental cleanings.

Our Pet Dental Care Services in Smyrna

Proper dental care requires routine exams and cleanings. We offer dental care services for dogs and cats to maintain their oral health and prevent the onset of gum disease. These services include:

Pet Dental Care in Smyrna: Patient Gets Teeth Cleaning

What to Expect for Your Pet’s Dental Procedure

Before scheduling a dental cleaning for your pet, we will conduct an examination and do any pre-anesthetic blood work that may be needed. Prior to the cleaning, we will take digital X-rays of your pet’s mouth to evaluate the condition of their teeth and jawbone, and determine whether any teeth need to be extracted. All observations will be recorded in your pet’s medical chart. Teeth cleanings are performed with an ultrasonic scaler, and fluoride is applied after the cleaning to prevent tooth decay in the future.

Managing Your Pet’s Oral Health at Home

We highly recommend daily teeth brushing for dogs, and suggest starting the process as early in their life as possible. The sooner your pet gets used to having their teeth brushed, the easier it will be to maintain a consistent dental hygiene routine. We understand that trying to acclimate your pet to brushing later in their life might pose a challenge, and we would be more than happy to help you. OraVet chews are also a great way to slow the buildup of plaque on your pet’s teeth.

Pet Dental Care in Smyrna: Owner Draws a Smile on Cat